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  • Student Bar Association Group Photo 2014 Header

Student Bar Association

Mission Statement

The Student Bar Association is a student governing body to which all students belong. Legislative power is vested in the Board of Governors, which consists of the following:

  • the executive council, consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and American Bar Association/Law Student Division representative, who are each elected by the entire student body;
  • the Penn State Senator, also elected by the entire student body;
  • from each class, four class representatives, and two honor code representatives, who are elected by their respective classes.

The SBA coordinates student activities, sponsors many academic, social, athletic and community events, allocates funds to the student organizations and serves as the liaison to the faculty, administration, and alumni for all students. SBA meetings are held weekly during the school year, and the meetings are open to all. Elections of officers and upper-class representatives are held in April. The election of junior representatives is held in September.

2014-2015 Executive Board

President: Kaitlyn Charette
Vice President (Carlisle): David Talmage
Vice President (UP): Alex Park
Treasurer: Keana Williams
Secretary: Ailise Delaney
PSU Senator: Anthony Christina
ABA Representative: Jeff Gdovin


Major Activities

Some of the major activities that the SBA organizes each year are the Welcome Back Party, the Third-Year Class Picnic and the Student Activities Fair. For more SBA events as well as student group events, please refer to the Master Calendar for the most comprehensive list.