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Fall 2015 Anticipated Upper-Level Courses and Seminars

Advanced Criminal Procedure
Advocacy I (UP Only)
Agency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities
Antitrust (UP Only)
Appellate Advocacy
Basic Federal Income Taxation (Live UP and Carlisle)
Business Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions I 
Business Planning for Small Business Enterprises
Class Actions Seminar (UP Only)
Comparative Constitutional and Public Law
Con Law II
Corporations (UP Only)
Disability Law
Electronic Evidence Seminar 
Employment Discrimination
Energy, International Security, and the Global Economy
Estate Planning
Evidence (Live UP and Carlisle)
Family Law
Federal Regulatory and Legislative Practice Seminar
Federal Securities Regulation (UP Only)
First Amendment-Free Speech
Food and Drug Regulation
Immigration Law
International Commercial Arbitration
International Financial Law Seminar
International Uniform Enforcement of Human Rights Seminar
Internet Law
Introduction to Intellectual Property
Introduction to Research Design
Law and Sexuality Seminar
Law of Artistic Persons and Properties Seminar 
Legal Journalism
Mediation of Environmental and Public Conflicts
Natural Resources
Nonprofit Organizations
Oil & Gas Law
Partnership Taxation 
Patent Law
Payment Systems and Financial Transactions (UP Only)
Pennsylvania Criminal Law Practice
Pennsylvania Practice
Probate Practice
Professional Responsibility (Live UP and Carlisle)
Real Estate Negotiation and Drafting
Regulation of Financial Institutions (UP Only) 
Russian Law Seminar
Supreme Court Seminar
The Law of Employee Benefits
The Rise of the Administrative State
U.S. Law of Arbitration
Wills, Trusts and Estates
Writing and Editing