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J.D. Fall 2014 Registration Information

1. Schedule of Courses

View the Schedule of Courses (SOC). Choose from the drop down menus: Semester: Fall 2014; Campus and Location: Dickinson School of Law (DN). Additional Search Criteria located in the lower left corner of the SOC provides several ways to search the schedule of courses. To see a complete list of courses being offered, select Dickinson School of Law (LW) in the College drop down box on the Additional Search Criteria screen.

2. Plan Your Schedule

Before you register, take time to gather the information and advice you need to plan for next semester and beyond. Use the Registration Worksheet (PDF or Excel format) to assist you in planning your schedule. To see when a course will likely be offered in the future, review the anticipated course lists for Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 semesters. For information about enrolling in a clinic or externship, including course requirements and application deadlines, visit Clinics and Externships. For information about courses with content tested on the bar examinations see Information About Bar Admissions and Exam or contact the Assistant Dean for Student Services.

Academic Advice — Take the initiative to ask for advice. Law faculty members are happy to help you select courses, provide advice about the sequence of related courses, and explain how courses relate to law practice. You can visit one of your current professors during office hours. Ask for an appointment with a faculty member who teaches or writes in a field of law that interests you. The website lists faculty by specialized fields of study. Or, ask for an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor or any law faculty member. Your faculty advisor’s name is available on eLion. Academic Affairs is also a good source for academic advice. To make an appointment with Dean Reilly or Dean Pratt at any time, contact Ms. Lori Smith in UP, or Ms. Teresa Dows in Carlisle.

Employment While Enrolled — Because law school course work requires full-time application, students are cautioned not to place excessive reliance on employment for financial support.  First-year students are strongly advised to refrain from any employment.  All students are forbidden from working more than twenty hours per week.  By registering for classes each semester, students certify compliance with this throughout the semester.  Employment inconsistent with this rule is a violation of the Honor Code.  Under the Academic Standing Rules, the Rules Committee will not consider employment during the semester as an excuse for poor academic performance.

Special Information about Advocacy I in Carlisle — Carlisle students entering the third year should plan to take Advocacy I in Fall 2014. Carlisle students entering the second year, and who are interested in taking Advocacy I, should plan to take: 1) Evidence in Fall 2014 and 2) Advocacy I in Spring 2015. Advocacy I in Carlisle will NOT be offered in Fall 2015 and the Spring 2016 offering will NOT be open to 3L students.

Important Registration Rules and Tips — Consult the Student Academic Handbook for information about J.D. degree requirements and other academic rules, including the rules on Co-Curricular Credits, Independent Study, Pass-Fail Option, and Seminar and Professional Skills requirements. You are responsible for satisfying all degree requirements and complying with all academic rules. For questions about degree requirements and academic rules contact the law school Registrar.

The Degree Audit application under the Advising tab on eLion is available to Law students. The degree audit allows you to compare your academic record to your J.D. degree requirements so you can be sure you are on track academically.

  • J.D. and joint degree students cannot register for more than 17 credits per semester.
  • Students may not register for courses with overlapping meeting times.
  • Carlisle-based students should register in sections with 100 numbers. University Park-based students should register in sections with 200 numbers.
  • The drop/add period for all law school courses ends at 11:59 PM on Wednesday August 27, 2014. You can drop or add courses on eLion at any time before the deadline. However, you cannot drop or add courses after the deadline except with permission of the Associate Dean which will be granted only in compelling circumstances.
  • If your academic record is subject to a hold, you cannot complete certain registration steps on eLion. The University Registrar notifies students by e-mail whose records are subject to holds. You can check the status of your academic record on eLion by selecting Financial, then Holds.
  • Please check Timely Registration News for information on courses with special enrollment criteria.
  • For information about electing to take a graded course on a pass/fail basis, see Pass-Fail Option in the Student Academic Handbook. See the Fall 2014 Pass/Fail Course List for courses you can elect to take pass/fail. When classes start, the Registrar will remind all students by e-mail about the pass/fail option and provide instructions for making the election before the deadline on Wednesday September 10, 2014.
  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may cancel a course with low enrollment (less than 5 students) ordinarily no later than the first day of classes for the semester, and may maintain or cancel any course due to exceptional circumstances. Check Timely Registration News for notice of course cancellations. The Registrar's Office will notify enrolled students of cancellation by e-mail.

Exam Schedule — Check the Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule and Final Exam Regulations for information about the final exam schedule and law school exam rules.

Law School Wait List — If a course is full when you attempt to register, you can request to be placed on a wait list for that course. Please note that the law school does not use the Watch List on eLion. You must use the law school wait list linked from the law school website. Do not add your name to a wait list if addition of the wait listed course would raise your credit total over 17 credits, unless the wait listed course conflicts in day and time with a course you have successfully scheduled, in which case if a seat opens in the wait listed course the conflicting course will be automatically dropped without notice to you in favor of the wait listed course, provided that your course schedule does not exceed 17 credits with the addition of the wait listed course. If a seat in a wait listed course opens but addition of the course will raise your credit total over 17 credits, you will not be scheduled in the course. The law school Registrar will send a message to your PSU e-mail account if you are scheduled into a wait listed course or removed from a wait list. You can also monitor changes to your schedule on eLion.

The wait list is monitored on a regular basis during business hours Monday through Friday. As a courtesy to your classmates, please remove your name from a course wait list if you are no longer interested in the course.

IMPORTANT!!! The law school does not use the Watch List on eLion. You must use the law school wait list linked from the law school website.

Changing Campus Location — J.D. students may reside at either campus. If you decide to change campuses permanently or for the semester, you must notify the law school Registrar before you register. The law school offers semester-based housing options in Carlisle and University Park for students who want to change campuses for a semester.

Timely Registration News — Visit Timely Registration News frequently during the registration period for late-breaking registration information.

3. Registration Times on eLion

If you are new to eLion, view the demo site before you register. Beginning on March 25, 2014 students may register on eLion at and after their respective registration times (see information below). Check your academic record on eLion to see the number of credits you will have earned by the start of Fall 2014 and include credits for courses in which you are currently enrolled.

First Priority — J.D. students who will have earned at least 45 credits by the start of Fall 2014 and LL.M. students — Tuesday, March 25, at 12:01 AM (midnight)

Second Priority — J.D. students who will have earned at least 28 credits by the start of Fall 2014 — Thursday, March 27, at 12:01 AM (midnight)