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The H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law Library

PORTT Certificate Program

PORTT — Practice Oriented Research Tips and Training Certificate Program is an intense skill-building program designed to get students ready to add value on the job from day one. Some of the topics covered include legislative research, local government, administrative research, and citation for practice.

The program is designed and taught by Penn State Law Library Faculty. In order to receive an official Law School certificate of completion and recognition on the PORTT website students must attend 10 hours of classroom instruction.

This program is taught by Penn State Law Library Faculty in five Wednesday evening sessions

  • Registration is open to any 2L, 3L, or LLM student.
  • Preference will be given to 3L students should sessions be oversubscribed.
  • Light dinner will be provided.




“PORTT taught me countless invaluable skills that I will certainly be able to use in practice. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the various productivity tools that lawyers are using to keep connected to their clients and educated in their field. The thorough examination of the advanced research strategies by the Penn State Law Library Faculty taught me to utilize the legal resources available in the law library and online in a unique way that I could not find in the traditional law school class. Thanks again!” — Sean Jordan

"As someone who will be practicing with a firm after graduation, the majority of my time over the next several years will be spent researching and writing. Any chance to gain additional experience in these skills will be helpful in my preparation to practice.” — Student comment



2014 PORTT Certificate Holders

Rebecca Ann Buckley-Stein
Crystle Craig
Djami Diallo
Sarah L. Doyle
James Gilbert
David Michael Green
Yue He
James N. Hendershot
David A. Hlatky
Mingxin Li
Shutao Liu
Tatiana Malys
Marcy J. McLaughlin
Kathryn Rimpfel
Forrest M. Smith
Emma Snyder
Yasmean N. Tamoor
Wilfried Tchangoue
Jonathan Thomas
Emily Ward
Matthew Welickovitch
Sarah Whittington
Keana M. Williams


2013 PORTT Certificate Holders

Matthew Atalla
Maria Barrett
Tiffany Bennett
Casey Bogner
Eric Crockett
Liliana Garcia
Kevin J. Hickey
Ran Ji
Jae Uk Kim
Jennifer B. Kim
Kathleen Klein
Maxwell G. Manu
Matt McDonald
Adam A. McNaughton
Kathryn Modeer
Joseph Negaard
Gellaine T.R. Newton
Kristina Arielle Pierre-Louis
Dunell Ridore
Dustin Segovia
Joshua Shuster
Katie L. Summers
Kelsey L. Swaim
Bryan T. Vannini
Josh  Veith
J. Noelle Wilkinson
John Zelinsky
Aiyao Zhou


2012 PORTT Certificate Holders

Asima Ahmad
Zachary R. Brecheisen 
Carolyn J. Brown 
Cameron L. Cecil 
Stephen T. Coccorese 
Jarred V. Curcio 
Kristina S. Dahmann 
Jonathan Danko 
Skipper M. Dean 
Cherelle M. Douglas 
Wayne F. Downey III 
Scott M. Engstrom 
Wanika B. Fisher 
Yoni Fix 
Jana Fridfinnsdottir
Megan C. Hill 
Kate E. Hynes 
Demi L. Jones 
Sean Jordan 
Vera N. Kanova 
Stephen A. Kerner 
Soyoun Kim
Jephte Lanthia 
Jonathan W. Leary 
Nicholas Marzialo 
Brice T. McCoy 
Michelle Polato 
Andrew A. Roeder 
Janel Rorick
David Cameron Rowley 
Cara B. Sherman 
Christopher Stromberg 
Sarah A. Tanyhill 
Natalia Tejeda 
Becky Sue Thompson 
Idil Tumer 
Jordan R. Van Oostendorp 
Justin G. Walden 
Bart D. Wischnowski 
Dylan R. Woods 
Kristy L. Wright 
Melissa A. Zeidler 
Stephanie Zimmerman