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The H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law Library

Research Assistant Liaison Service and Training

The Montague Law Library provides a Research Assistant Liaison Service to all new faculty research assistants. This service provides the guidance of a professional law librarian, who will advise faculty research assistants on the completion of assigned research tasks.  Each research assistant will meet at least three times with a professional librarian — first at an introductory training session, then at an initial meeting with their assigned Librarian Liaison, and again at a follow-up meeting to discuss the progress of their research.  Additional meetings will be scheduled based on need.

Benefits of the Research Assistant Liaison Service:

  • One-on-one research advice
  • Advanced research training that builds on prior instruction
  • Training tailored to your specific research project(s)
  • Professional advice to maximize project efficiency

Initial Training Session 

Fall/Spring: Upon request, librarians meet with referred research assistants to introduce them to relevant online databases, library services, and library policies that will facilitate their performance.  At this time, a Librarian Liaison will be assigned to each research assistant for collaboration and research advice throughout the semester.  Interested faculty should contact one of the Law Librarians listed below.

Summer:  Librarians provide a training session, video-conferenced to both campuses. The session will introduce research assistants to a myriad of online databases, library services, and library policies. At this session, each research assistant will meet their assigned Librarian Liaison.  Sessions are usually scheduled for late May or early June.

Library Proxy Service for Faculty Research Assistants 

This service allows faculty to authorize their research assistant to check out or place holds on library materials held by any Penn State Library directly to the faculty member’s library account.

If you would like to authorize your research assistant to be your “proxy," the form to do so is available online. Please remember that both the faculty member and the research assistant must sign the authorization form.

Register here for summer 2014 RA training - June 4, 2014 at 12pm. (Room 336 UP, room 120 Carlisle) Registration deadline: June 3, 2014

Contact Information for the Research Assistant Liaison Service

Laura Ax-Fultz, Information Services and Outreach Librarian — (717) 241-3541

Judy L. Swarthout, Associate Law Librarian — (717) 240-5229