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Admission to Penn State Law in University Park with GRE for Joint Degree Program

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers Regarding GRE Score Acceptance for Joint Degree Applicants:

If I am currently a student in a master’s program at Penn State can I apply?

Yes, if you are in your first year of your master’s program. You will have to coordinate with your graduate program to request a one-year deferral to complete your required first year J.D. curriculum.


Can I do the J.D. and master’s degree at the same time?

Yes, if you are in a two-year master’s program, you can expect to spend four years earning both degrees. You cannot, however, take courses in any other program during your first year of law studies.


Am I eligible for a scholarship to Penn State Law?

Yes, all applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. Your law school scholarship will apply to the three years of study in which the majority of your credits come from Penn State Law in University Park.


Are World Campus graduate program students eligible for this program?

Students should talk with their advisors regarding particular circumstances to determine eligibility. For context, distance learning credits, including online courses, cannot represent more than one-third of a student’s credits toward a J.D. (which requires 88 credits). First-year law courses must be taken in residence at Penn State Law in University Park.


What if I have not yet been accepted to a Penn State graduate program?

If you are applying to both programs concurrently, you will need to provide a copy of an acceptance letter from your Penn State graduate program to Penn State Law in University Park prior to matriculating at the law school. If you are starting with your first year of J.D. studies, you will need to provide proof of registration in the graduate program prior to the start of your second year of law school.


If I am in a graduate program at a Commonwealth Campus, am I eligible?

Yes, we welcome applicants from any Penn State campus offering graduate degrees (Erie, Great Valley, Harrisburg, Hershey, and University Park). All first-year law courses must be completed at Penn State Law in University Park. Students will have to plan accordingly to ensure they can complete their remaining credits if courses are being taken at two different campuses.


How can I submit my score?

Penn State Law will accept scores that are up to five years old. We will accept score reports directly from Education Testing Services (ETS). Please indicate “Penn State Law” as a recipient of your test scores. Our school code is 4418.

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Please contact our admissions team at 814-867-1251 or 800-840-1122 or by email:

Amanda DiPolvere, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Julian Morales, Director of Admissions