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Law and Education Alliance at Penn State

The fields of law and education are intersecting at a major scale.  In fact, the subfield of "education law" is one of the fastest growing specialties according to the American Bar Association.  So what is education law?  Education law handles issues relating both to K-12 education and higher education, including charter school regulation, faculty employment, curricular policy, school reform, and student rights.

Penn State has one of the best graduate schools of education in the nation. With leading scholars in education law such as Erica Frankenberg, Liliana Garces, Neal Hutchens, and Jacqueline Stefkovich, Penn State is consistently ranked in the top ten in the fields of education policy, educational administration, and higher education by U.S. News.  The Law and Education Alliance at Penn State ("LEAP") aims to cultivate collaboration between the School of Law and College of Education by working with faculty and students in both departments to host speakers, hold seminars, and conduct research in education law. LEAP also fosters networking opportunities to help students launch careers in education law.

2017-18 Officers
President: Nathan Mead
Vice President: Rafael Alvarado
Secretary/Treasurer: Vanessa Miller