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Budget Forms and Guidelines

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Current Organizations

  • Budget Committee Guidelines and Allocations Procedures — The guidelines and allocations procedures that the SBA Budget Committee abides by when making budget allocations.
  • Purchase Card Authorization Form — This form must be filled out to allocate or reallocate funds.
  • Fund Reimbursement Form — This form must be filled out by students who use their own money for group functions and need to be reimbursed.
  • Student Organization Budget Request Form — This online form must be filled out in order to get an allocation of the SBA student activities budget. The information is crucial for the SBA Budget Committee to get the requisite information needed to make informed decisions.
  • Student Organization Event Budget Request Form — This form must be completed for each event the student organization wishes to have funded by the SBA.
  • Event Attendance Form — This form must be used to monitor participation at each event and submitted with the proper receipt(s) to the Office of Student Services and the SBA Treasurer/SBA Budget Committee.
  • Penn State Law SBA Reimbursement Form — This form must be filled out to receive event reimbursement.