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Environmental Law Review Volume 16, Number 2, Winter 2008


Climate Change and the Impotence of International Environmental Law: Seeking a Cosmopolitan Cure Paul G. Harris

Splitting Genes: The Future of Genetically Modified Organisms in the Wake of the WTO/Cartagena Standoff Samuel Blaustein


Protecting The Smile of the Great Spirit: The Need for Increased Stewardship of New Hampshire’s Shorelands Andrew Herrold

Cracking Down on Coal: Pennsylvania Takes a Crack at Regulating Hazardous Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants with a State-Specific Rule that Is Stricter than the Federal Clean Air Mercury Rule Wendy Jastremsky

Up In Smoke: Wholesale Marijuana Cultivation within the National Parks and Forests, and the Accompanying Extensive Environmental Damage Warren Eth

Special Note

In the comment, Recent Developments in the CERCLA Contribution Scheme and How They Should be Handled: U.S. v. Atlantic Research; Aviall Part II by Jacob M. Theis, published in Volume 16, Issue 1 of the Penn State Environmental Law Review, a portion of the conclusion was omitted due to publisher error. The omitted portions of the conclusion can be found in the Erratum section of Volume 16, Number 2 of the Penn State Environmental Law Review.

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