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Environmental Law Review Volume 12, Number 1, Winter 2004


Local Solutions for Global Problems: The Debate Over the Causes and Effects of Climate Change and Emerging Mitigation Strategies for States, Localities and Private PartiesRobert B. McKinstry, Jr., Esq.

Impacts of Global Warming: The Mid-Atlantic Regional Assessment (MARA) Process and FindingsAnn Fisher

What are the Impacts of Global Warming on U.S. Forests, Regions, and the U.S. Timber Industry?Roger A. Sedjo and Brent Sohngen

Climate Change and Pennsylvania AgricultureDavid Abler, James Shortle, and Ann Fisher

Informed Scenarios of Climate Change in The Mid-Atlantic RegionBrent Yarnal

The International Legal Framework for Addressing Climate ChangeJohn H. Knox

The Importance of Expressly Examining Global Warming Policy Issues Through an Ethical PrismDonald A. Brown

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Action Planning: An OverviewAdam Rose

Primary Sources of Greenhouse Gases: A Cross-Scale ComparisonBrent Yarnal and Rob Neff

Toward A Climate Change Strategy For PennsylvaniaJohn C. Dernbach

The City of PhiladelphiaThe Government and Community Work Together to Reduce Greenhouse Gas EmissionsJudith Samans-Dunn

Winter, 2004,  12 Penn St. Envtl. L. Rev. 219, 9843 words, ARTICLE: From Rome to Nice: A Historical Profile of the Evolution of European Environmental LawNoah Vardi and Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich

The Dickinson Law Review: A Brief HistoryMark W. Podvia


The National Energy Policy, Renewable Energy, and the Johannesburg Convention: Has the United States Been All Talk and No Action?Jodi Britton

Pennsylvania Anti-SLAPP LegislationSheri Coover

Defending Against the Fourth Horse n1: The Endangered Species Act and the Threat of Communicable DiseaseJonathan Coy


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