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Environmental Law Review Volume 14, Number 2, Winter 2006


Putting the Market to Work for Conservation: The Evolving Use of Market-Based Mechanisms to Achieve Environmental Improvement In and Across Multiple MediaRobert B. McKinstry Jr.

Trading and Its LimitsDavid M. Driesen

Title IV of the Clean Air Act: Lessons for Success of the Acid Rain Emission Trading ProgramJoseph Goffman

The Connecticut Nitrogen Exchange ProgramAnn Powers

Regional Carbon Dioxide Permit Trading in the United States : Coalition Choices for PennsylvaniaAdam Rose, Thomas D. Peterson, and ZhongXiang Zhang

Water Quality TradingJames S. Shortle and Richard D. Horan

Tradable Permits in Principle and PracticeTom Tietenberg


Regulating a Growing Whale-Watching Industry: How Effective is the Marine Mammal Protection Act? Trudy E. Cordora

When Sealing the Leaks of Habitat Conservation Banking, Multiple Gaskets are Needed: The Case for Bog Turtle in PennsylvaniaDerald J. Hay

Law of the Jungle: Bringing the Laws that Govern Pennsylvania's Game Officers out of the Wilderness and into ModernityJoshua G. Parsons


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