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International Law Review Volume 20, Number 2, Winter 2002


Foreword: Constituting Nations — Veils, Disguises, Masquerades — Larry Catá Backer

Constitutive Fiction: Postcolonial Constitutionalism in Ireland — Dr. Patrick Hanafin

The Belfast Agreement and the Nation that "Always Arrives at its Destination — Barry Collins

Reflections on Edward Said and the Legal Narratives of Palestine: Israeli Settlements and Palestinian Self-Determination — John Strawson


Domains without Borders: Reconciling Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policies and Trademark Rights between the United States and the Nations of the European Union — Rodney A. Myer

Europe's Mobile Opportunity: Can the European Union Legislate Consumer Trust and Compete in the E-Commerce Market with the United States — Alfred Villoch III

The International Civil Aviation Organization is the Appropriate Jurisdiction to Settle the Hushkit Dispute Between the United States and the European Union — Kriss E. Brown

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