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2nd Amendment Law Society

Mission Statement:

The 2nd Amendment presents a unique case study for law students. There is no other issue which is as ever present and yet as uniquely applicable to so many areas of the law. The study of the 2nd Amendment can be a study in every facet of law from the obvious – criminal and constitutional law, to the more nuanced – tax and property law.

The mission of the Second Amendment Law Society (2LS) is to promote the importance and usefulness of the Second Amendment; to cultivate a positive discussion of our 2nd Amendment rights; and to raise awareness about the many legal and regulatory issues effecting the Second Amendment. The intention of 2LS is to host functions, discussions, and guest speakers, to facilitate the civil discussion of an important individual right.


Benjamin Novak, President
Jonathan Moore, Vice President
Adam Boyd, Secretary
Erin McCaulley, Treasurer