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Pennsylvania Superior Court


  • Heasley v. KSM Energy, Inc., 2012 PA Super 151 (Pa. Super. Ct. July 27, 2012) (affirming the trial court in granting judgment in favor of Heasley because the lease continued only while production continued).
  • Katzin v. Central Appalachia Petroleum, 39 A.3d 307 (Pa. Super. Jan. 19, 2012) (affirming summary judgment for Defendant and finding that lease is valid under the Pennsylvania Minimum Guaranteed Royalty Act despite vagueness concerning deductible costs).


  • Butler v. Powers Estate, 29 A.3d 35 (Pa. Super. Sept. 7, 2011) (remanding case to determine whether Marcellus shale constitutes a “mineral” more similar to that of conventional natural gas or coal.)
  • Hite v. Falcon Partners, 13 A.3d 942 (Pa. Super. Ct. Jan. 4, 2011) (finding a delayed rental payment alone will not extend a lease beyond its primary term in the same way production will extend the lease).


  • Szymanowski v. Brace, 987 A.2d 717 (Pa. Super. Ct. Nov. 13, 2009) (affirming summary judgment for Defendant who drilled wells on same plot of land as wells jointly owned by Plaintiff and Defendant because their partnership agreement was narrowly tailored and did not include Defendant’s personal wells).