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Legal Literature

Sports Law Bibliographies

30 Recommended Law Review Articles

  • Agency 
    • Sobel, Lionel S., The Regulation of Sports Agents: An Analytical Primer, 39 Baylor L. Rev. 701-786 (1987).
      Stiglitz, Jan, NCAA-Based Agent Regulation: Who Are We Protecting?, 67 Notre Dame L. Rev. 215 (1991).
  • Amateur Sports 
    • Nafziger, J.A.R., Amateur Sports Act of 1978, 1983 BYU L. Rev. 47-99.
  • Antitrust & Legal Structure
    • Bauer, Joseph P., Antitrust and Sports: Must Competition on the Field Replace Competition in the Marketplace?, 60 Tenn. L. Rev. 263 (1993).
    • Grauer, Myron C., Recognition of the National Football League as a Single Entity Under Section 1 of the Sherman Act: Implications of the Consumer Welfare Model, 82 Mich. L. Rev. 1 (1983).
    • Lazaroff, Daniel E., The Antitrust Implications of Franchise Relocation Restrictions in Professional Sports, 52 Fordham L. Rev. 157 (1984). 
    • Roberts, Gary R., Sports Leagues and the Sherman Act: The Use and Abuse of Section I to Regulate Restraints on Intraleague Rivalry, 32 UCLA L. Rev. 219 (1984). 
    • Roberts, Gary R., The Antitrust Status of Sports Leagues Revisited, 64 Tulane L. Rev117 (1989).
    • Tagliabue, Paul J., Antitrust Developments in Sports and Entertainment, 56 Antitrust L.J. 341 (1987).
    • Topkis, Jay H., Monopoly in Professional Sports. 58 Yale Law Journal 691-712 (1949).
    • Weistart, John C., League Control of Market Opportunities: A Perspective on Competition and Cooperation in the Sports Industry. 84 Duke Law Journal 1013-1070 (1984).
  • Arbitration
    • Wong, Glenn M., A Survey of Grievance Arbitration Cases in Major League Baseball, 41 Arb. J. 42 (Mar. 1986).
  • Baseball
    • Rogers, C. Paul, Judicial Reinterpretation of Statutes: The Example of Baseball and the Antitrust Laws, 14 Houston L. Rev. 611 (1977).
  • Broadcasting
    • Garrett, Robert Alan & Hochberg, Philip R., Sports Broadcasting and the Law, 59 Ind. L.J. 155 (1984).
  • College Sports
    • Davis, Timothy, Examining Educational Malpractice Jurisprudence: Should a Cause of Action Be Created for Student-Athletes?, 69 Denv. Univ. L. Rev. 57 (1992).
    • Goldman, Lee, Sports and Antitrust: Should College Students Be Paid to Play?, 65 Notre Dame L. Rev. 206 (1990).
    • Greene, Linda S., The New NCAA Rules of the Game: Academic Integrity or Racism?, 28 St. Louis Univ. L.J. 101 (1984).
    • Kaplin, Richard L., Intercollegiate Athletics and the Unrelated Business Income Tax, 80 Colum. L. Rev. 1430 (1980).
    • Lowell, Cym H., Judicial Review of Rule-Making in Amateur Athletics, 5 J.C. & U.L. 11 (1977).
    • McKenzie, Richard B. & Sullivan, Thomas E., College Athletes? An Economics and Legal Analysis,Antitrust Bull. 373 (1987).
    • Ruxin, Robert H., Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The Student-Athlete, the NCAA, and Agents, 8 J.C. & U.L. 347 (1981).
    • Smith, Rodney K., Reforming Intercollegiate Athletics: A Critique of the Presidents Commission’s Role in the NCAA’s Sixth Special Convention. 64 N.D. L. Rev. 423 (1988).
    • Weistart, John C., Rule-Making in Interscholastic Sports: The Bases of Judicial Review, 11 J.L. & Educ. 291 (1982).
  • Labor Issues
    • Bauer, Joseph B., Antitrust and Sports: Must Competition on the Field Replace Competition in the Marketplace?, 60 Tenn. L. Rev. 263 (1993).
    • Berry, Robert C. & Gould, William B., A Long Deep Drive to Collective Bargaining: Of Players, Owners, Brawls, and Strikes, 31 Case W. Res. L. Rev. 685 (1981).
    • Craig, Peter S., Monopsony in Manpower: Organized Baseball Meets the Antitrust Laws, 62 Yale L.J.576 (1953).
    • Jacobs, Michael S. & Winter, Ralph K., Jr., Antitrust Principles and Collective Bargaining by Athletes: Of Superstars in Peonage, 81 Yale L.J. 1(1971).
    • Roberts, Gary R., Interpreting the NFL Player Contract, 3 Marq. Sports L.J. 29 (1992).
    • Roberts, Gary R., Reconciling Federal Labor and Antitrust Policy: The Special Case of Sports League Labor Market Restraints, 75 Georgetown L.J. 19 (1986).