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Explore Law Program 2015

“I cannot believe how much I learned about law school and the legal profession in just one week! The professors, speakers, and alumni were passionate, accomplished, and engaging, and the staff members at Penn State Law were so accommodating. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn about life as a law student, and even more importantly, the world of opportunities available upon graduation.” –Natalie Morrissey, Penn State Schreyer Honors College undergraduate

“Explore the law is a wonderful opportunity for all who have an interest in the field of law. Over the past week, I have learned a little bit about several different types of law. In the process, I realized what type of law I am interested in. The facilitators of the program were also very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The program also offered an LSAT prep course to help every student better prepare for the test. I have never heard about a program that can offer so much insight in a matter of a few days as Penn State did. If you get the chance to attend this program, please take the time to attend. I promise you will not regret it!” – Sandy Feliz, undergraduate student from Kutztown University

“The Explore Law Program is an amazing experience for those deciding if they want to attend law school. It really helps you acquire knowledge and give you more of an insight of what law school is really all about, and if it’s truly what you want to pursue.” – Paulette Arquer Haddock, Penn State undergraduate student

“The Explore Law Program is a must for anyone considering the career field in law. The multiple speakers give a great introduction to various fields of law. The LSAT prep saved me from attending a prep course!” – Souriya Maniwan, Penn State World Campus undergraduate student from California