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Frequently Asked Questions for Explore Law Program

Is a letter of recommendation required?

No, a letter of recommendation is not required for submission of the application. 

What is the cost of tuition?

The program has no tuition. It is free to accepted students.

What is the cost of room and board?

Housing is free to accepted students and is provided in Penn State dormitories on the University Park campus. Meals are also free and are provided at designated Penn State cafeterias located near the assigned dormitories.

If we attend Penn State Main Campus or live in a nearby community, can we live off-campus and commute to attend the program?


Are meals provided for students living off-campus and commuting to the program?

Yes, a commuter card for certain meals will be provided.

Will we have homework?

Yes, some reading and other work may be assigned to prepare for “mock” law school classes and other parts of the program. Completion of the homework is required to be eligible to attend the program.

Will parking be provided?

No.  Most students walk or take a bus or shuttle service where needed on campus.  Use of your own personal car during the program is not necessary.  Accepted students will be provided with information about how to purchase a parking permit if a student prefers to use a personal car.  

What is the proper dress attire during the program?

Our law students do not have a dress code so we do not impose one in the program either.  However, many Explore Law students (as well as law students) choose to dress in business casual attire.  We will likely have a visit from members of the judiciary and take some photos to promote the program on one day of the program, and we will likely prefer that you wear business casual clothing on that day, if possible.

Please wear comfortable shoes throughout the program as students walk to and from the dining halls and dorms every day.