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Scholarships and Need-Based Grants


All applicants to Penn State Law’s JD program are automatically considered for scholarships. Scholarships can reach up to full-tuition. Full-tuition scholarships remain full-tuition, even if tuition increases. 

Scholarships are renewed in the second and third years provided the student remains in good academic standing. Renewal of awards is not based on law school class rank. 

No additional applications are required to be considered for scholarships. 

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Scholars Grants and Blue and White Alumni Scholars Grants

Applicants who are permanent residents of Pennsylvania or who will hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from Penn State University by the time they begin law school and who are offered admission prior to April 1, will receive either our Pennsylvania Commonwealth Scholars Grant or Blue and White Alumni Scholars Grant, respectively. Recipients of these grants will receive $20,000 per year off their tuition. 

Eligible admitted applicants may receive either the Commonwealth Scholars Grant or the Blue and White Alumni Grant, but not both. Admitted applicants who are permanent residents of Pennsylvania and have/will receive an eligible Penn State degree will receive the Blue and White Alumni Grant. 

Either grant can be stacked with Penn State Law scholarships to reach full tuition. 

Outside Scholarships

Students may also wish to pursue outside scholarships to supplement any Penn State Law awards. Penn State Law’s financial aid office works to compile a list of third party scholarships available to our students. 

Need-Based Grants

Through the generosity of alumni and other donors, need-based grant funds are available to students who demonstrate significant financial need. Consideration for need-based aid is made after admission is offered. Admitted and returning students who wish to be considered for need-based aid must submit our Need-based aid application. Need-based aid is automatically renewed for continuing students who complete the FAFSA.

Please note that all students awarded need-based grants will be expected to borrow the maximum federal Stafford Loan amount.  Need-based grant funds are not restricted to use for tuition only.

Incoming first-year students applying for need-based grant assistance must submit the FAFSA and their Penn State Law Need- Based Grant Applications as soon as possible after the date of admission..