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Information for Waitlisted Applicants

Students offered a spot on the Penn State Law waitlist often have many questions about the next steps in the process and how they can keep in touch with us during the spring and summer. We know that this can be a time of anxiety for you, so we encourage you to read the following information carefully and contact us at if you have additional questions.

General Information

It is important for us to know whether you wish to remain on the waitlist. You can do this by completing our Waitlist Response Form. Similarly, if you do not wish to remain on the waitlist, we ask that you complete the form to let us know that as well.

Penn State Law's waitlist is not ranked. Many applicants ask what they can do to increase their chances of being made an offer of admission off the waitlist. If you remain interested in Penn State Law, the best thing to do is keep us informed of your continued interest – it’s not necessary to do so more than once a month. 

We typically begin our review of applicants on our waitlist in late spring. We typically make offers throughout the summer depending on the number of seats available in our class. 

We may reach out by email to gauge your interest in the possibility of an offer of admission so please be sure to provide us with an up to date email address, particularly if you are currently using a university-issued address. Please send updated email addresses to us at Waitlisted applicants should check their email regularly and respond promptly to inquiries. 

We plan to schedule an information session for waitlisted applicants in late spring to provide any available updates. 

Updating Your Information

It is important that you keep us up to date on any changes that should be reflected on your application. This specifically includes new GPA, new test scores, or updates to disclosures. You may email us with any new information, but updated transcripts should be submitted to LSAC. For a new test score to be considered we must receive an official score report. Additional letters of recommendation should also be submitted to LSAC. Recommenders should not contact the admissions office. Changes or additions to disclosure responses can be submitted via email to

Response to an Offer/Deposits

If we are able to offer you a seat in our class of 2027, we will need a very quick turnaround on any offer made, typically within 24-48 hours. Because of the quick turnaround, we offer an option for committing without immediately submitting a monetary deposit, but that option calls on you to withdraw all other applications and make a final commitment to Penn State Law.

Applicants admitted off the waitlist may not have time to schedule a visit to Penn State Law before they are required to make a decision on their offer

Upcoming Events

Join Associate Dean Amanda DiPolvere and Director of Admissions Bryan Zerbe for a Waitlist Information Session on Friday, April 19 at 1:00 PM EDST. You can join the session with this Zoom link here.

Opportunities for graduate study with Penn State's School of International Affairs

If you are interested in applying to other Penn State programs, the Penn State School of International Affairs, which is co-located with Penn State Law in the Lewis Katz Building in University Park, continues to accept applications for their Fall 2024 cohort. Scholarships are still available.
Application information can be found here, and fee waivers are available with the code SIA2024PENNSTATE. You can use this short form to connect with the SIA admissions team directly.