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J.D. Program for Penn State LL.M. Candidates

Penn State Law welcomes applications for the J.D. degree program from students who will have completed the graduation requirements of our LL.M. program by the end of their second semester. Currently enrolled LL.M. students may apply for the J.D. program without submitting an LSAT score. If admitted, some credits earned in the LL.M. program will count toward the J.D. degree requirements. LL.M. students who are admitted to the J.D. program will not receive an LL.M. degree. The J.D. degree will be conferred upon successful completion of all J.D. degree requirements. Applicants who have completed the LL.M. degree requirements but are not admitted to the J.D. program will have their academic record reflect the LL.M. degree for the following semester. Applicants who are admitted into the J.D. program should expect to spend at least 4 semesters, and in some cases 5 semesters, in the JD program.

Applicants who are graduates of the Penn State Law LL.M. program and who have already received their LL.M. degree from Penn State Law must take an LSAT and apply for admission via our regular J.D. program. These students may request advanced standing for credits earned in the LL.M. program by including an addendum in their application that specifically addresses this request. In no case will credits count toward both the LL.M. and the J.D. degree.

LL.M. graduates from law schools other than Penn State Law are not eligible for this program. LL.M. graduates from other law schools who have taken the LSAT are welcome to apply to our J.D. program via our regular J.D. application.