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Application Components

  • A completed LSAC application for the J.D. Program for LL.M. Candidates. Applicants must complete this application, not the regular J.D. or transfer application;
  • A current résumé listing all undergraduate and graduate education and employment;
  • A written statement of the applicant’s professional goals and reasons for pursuing a J.D. degree. The applicant must certify that the statement is written by the applicant and substantially unedited by another person;
  • If the applicant has answered a question on the application in the affirmative that requires documentation or explanation, all necessary documentation or explanation;
  • Official transcripts from the Penn State LL.M. program and all other graduate/undergraduate schools attended.

All transcripts must be provided in English. Before, and as a condition to, matriculating into the J.D. program, admitted applicants must submit a final, official transcript and translation showing conferral of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Applicants must request a final LL.M. transcript from the Penn State University Registrar showing all grades earned from all classes taken. The transcript should be sent from the PSU registrar directly to LSAC. Transcripts sent to the office of admissions will not be accepted.

The admissions office will obtain directly from Penn State Law faculty members: the faculty member’s assessment of the applicant’s ability to succeed in the J.D. program based on the applicant’s academic performance and an assessment of the applicant’s English language ability. Applicants should not solicit recommendations from faculty members.

Note: Applicants who are graduates of the Penn State Law LL.M. program and who have already received their LL.M. degree from Penn State Law must take an LSAT and apply for admission via our regular J.D. program. Please use this link to apply. These students may request advanced standing for credits earned in the LL.M. program by including an addendum in their application that specifically addresses this request. In no case will credits count toward both the LL.M. and the J.D. degree.