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For up-to-date information regarding the reunification of Penn State's two law schools, please click here.

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Tuition and Related Expenses

  2024-2025 Academic Year 
Direct Expenses:  
    Tuition* $56,928
    Fees* $628
Other Estimated Expenses:  
    Books & Supplies  $2,020
    Housing** $10,400
    Food $6,154
    Other Miscellaneous
    Transportation $2,544
  Total Estimated Costs $81,602

For final year law students only, the cost of attendance will also include an allowance of $925 to allow for bar exam and MPRE testing fees.  The total estimated costs for a 3L will be $82,527.


*Please note that tuition and fees are set by the Penn State Board of Trustees each July.  Students should expect tuition to increase each year.

**Housing cost based upon a single student living alone.

***The miscellaneous expenses amount includes allowances for clothing, laundry, medical expenses, recreation, and personal care.


Please be aware that scholarships and grants are available to help defray the cost of tuition.

This online calculator may be helpful in determining your financial needs.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from classes after the start of the term are subject to the tuition refund policy found at