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Completing Your eBill Registration

You will receive an email notifying you when your eBill is available to view and/or pay on eLion. Upon receipt of the email notification, you will need to make payment or confirm that all charges will be covered by financial aid. This must be done before the due date to avoid any late fees. In all cases, regardless of the amount due, action is required to complete the registration process as follows:

  1. Go to eLion at
  2. Select “Students” and login with your User ID and password
  3. Select “Financial” and then “Bursar Tuition Bills” from the left-hand menu
  4. Select your Tuition Bill and click “View/Pay Bill”
  5. Select either:
    1. “Without a payment” — This option will only be available if you have enough loans and scholarships to cover all charges.
    2. "Pay amount due"
    3. "Enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan" — Enroll in Penn State's deferred payment plan and pay your tuition bill in installments over three months.
             Spring 2016:
             December 4, 2015  — 1/3 Payment Due + $45 Deferment Fee
             February 26, 2016 — 1/3 Payment Due
             March 25, 2016 — 1/3 Payment Due
    4. "Pay other"
  6. Select “Continue”
  7. Select your method of payment and click “Continue”
    1. Make a payment using an eCheck (Note: Must be a personal checking account drawn on a U.S. bank)
      1. Complete all the information and click “Continue” 
      2. Review information displayed and click “Accept/Pay Now”
    2. Make a payment using a credit card: MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express only. (Note: There is a 2.5% convenience fee charged when using a credit card.)
      1. Select “Checkout”
      2. Complete all information and select “Click here to Purchase”
    3. Print payment stub to send payment by mail
      1. Detach the bottom portion of the payment stub and mail it with your check/money order. Please write your PSU ID number on your check/money order.
    4. International Wire Transfer — peerTransfer

You will receive confirmation that your registration is complete if you pay the required amount due or enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan. If using "Pay Other" and amount paid is less than the full amount due and less than the amount needed to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan, registration will not be completed.