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Applied Legal Analysis and Writing I

Course Abbreviation: 
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

Applied Legal Analysis & Writing I introduces first year law students to analyzing and writing about clients’ legal issues.  Throughout the semester, students will represent fictional clients.  To assist those clients, students must learn to conduct accurate and in-depth legal analysis to help the clients with particular legal issues, and students must learn to communicate that in-depth legal analysis in both written and oral communications.  In Applied Legal Analysis & Writing I, the focus of the semester is on objective analysis, fact-finding, and writing. Students will conduct a client interview to uncover legally relevant facts, and they will learn to draft formal and informal office memoranda, which are fundamental tools for communicating objective analysis.  Students receive significant individual feedback on writing assignments.

Nicole Chong,
Barbara Brunner,
Jeffrey Erickson,
Michele Vollmer,