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Fri, 03/01/2024 - 3:54pm -- szb5706

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Business Planning for M&A II Seminar

Course Abbreviation: 
ULWR 902
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

This seminar builds on the topics covered in Business Planning for Mergers and Acquisition I (BPMA I) and is principally based on the second half of Thompson, Business Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions: Corporate, Securities, Tax, Antitrust, International, and Related Aspects (Fourth Edition 2015, supplemented yearly).  The seminar is structured so that a student can take it simultaneously with BPMA I, after BPMA I, or independently of BPMA I.  The seminar focuses on, inter alia, (1) the drafting of various types of acquisition agreements, (2) leveraged buyouts,  (3) proxy contests, (4) hostile takeovers and going private transactions regulated by the Williams Act provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, (5) international M&A, including a look at M&A in China and South Africa, (6) acquisitions in regulated industries, such as banking, and (7) ethical issues in M&A. This course satisfies the upper-level writing seminar requirement.

Business Planning for M&A I (BUSLW 964) recommended or may be taken concurrently.
Samuel C. Thompson Jr.