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Cybercrime Seminar

Course Abbreviation: 
ULWR 997
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

This seminar provides an overview of legal, technical, and law enforcement issues involving cybercrime. Contemporary events have led to a growing awareness of the interrelationship between information security and data privacy. Prominent cyberattacks and hacking incidences have led to high profile cases and rapid developments in the law. The internet, ecommerce, social media, and other developments in the digital age has expanded the vulnerability of online identities to theft and misappropriation. At the same time, the digital economy vastly increases law enforcement access to digital evidence. Examining cybercrime and digital law enforcement tools allows for an interrogation of the strength of constitutional protections afforded to users, the law that governs cybercrime detection, and developments in prosecutorial techniques that are dependent upon cybersurveillance. Cybercrime is especially challenging as an area of law and policy where criminal activities can be hidden and where geographic boundaries for an investigation are not readily understood. Consequently, this seminar will provide an opportunity for students to learn not only about cybercrimes and digital forensic evidence, but also, about the tensions in constitutional law that may be strained under these emerging technologies.

This course satisfies the upper-level writing seminar requirement.