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National Security Law II (Leadership in Crisis Simulation)

Course Abbreviation: 
EXPR 935; EXPR 997 (SP21); EXPR 997 (SP23-2 Credits National Security Practice)
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

This four-credit course meets twice a week for two 75-minute class sessions per week (like a three-credit course) and is the second of a two-course sequence. National Security Law I (Foundations) is a prerequisite.  National Security Law II (Leadership in Crisis Simulation) is an extended simulation course designed to replicate legal practice in the national security environment while developing leadership and communication skills.  Legal issues arise against an intense backdrop of competing domestic and international political interests under time constraints with lives often on the line.  Students represent members of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches as well foreign governments, the media, and non-governmental advocacy groups as they confront a complex national security problem across the semester.  Throughout the course, students fill leadership roles enriched by leadership readings and classroom discussion.  Students learn to write on short deadlines and communicate verbally with confidence, clarity, and efficiency.  Students receive extensive individual performance feedback to include multiple one-on-one mentoring sessions; regular written performance evaluations; and detailed writing critiques.  Visitors with high-level experience enrich the class by providing analysis and perspective.  This experience will be particularly valuable for students considering careers in national security specifically, the public sector generally, or within non-governmental advocacy groups; however, skills emphasized in the course will be relevant to any student wishing to think precisely, communicate clearly, and collaborate creatively under deadlines with high stakes. This course satisfies the experiential learning requirement.

National Security Law I (Foundations) (LWPER 947) and Faculty Approval Required
James W. Houck