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Parallel Structure Exercises

Correct any errors in parallel structure in the following sentences.

  1. The plaintiff was wasting the court’s time and prejudiced my client.
  2. The investment firm must choose to either disclose its clients to the SEC or to immediately return the funds to those clients.
  3. Before crashing his car, the defendant smoked two marijuana cigarettes, drank sixteen ounces of bourbon, and was swallowing three Valium pills.
  4. Detective Cobb is a skilled forensic investigator with over 200 convictions under his belt and who is admired by the junior officers of the police department.
  5. The Disciplinary Board investigated Attorney Johnson when it was alleged that she misled the court by failing to reveal unfavorable law, commingled personal and client funds, and there was a conflict of interest because of a sexual relationship with a client’s former spouse.
  6. Derek Jeter is not only a great fielding shortstop and he is also a superb hitter.
  7. To legally register to vote, a person must have resided in the state for thirty days, be a United States citizen, and committed no felony.
  8. The plaintiff’s attorneys were bombastic, uncivil, and lacked competence.
  9. My favorite activities are baseball, riding my bike, and playing piano.
  10. Her chores were to polish the furniture, sweep the floor, and to water the garden.