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Class Attendance

Prompt and regular course attendance is required of all students. Consistent with American Bar Association accreditation standard 311(f), individual faculty members shall establish, announce, and implement a policy designed to ensure regular and prompt attendance for each course. The policy shall be made known in writing to all students enrolled in the course by no later than the end of the drop-add period. With notice to students, faculty members may modify their methods for monitoring promptness and attendance during the semester. The faculty reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student who fails to comply with the requirement of regular class attendance.

PLEASE NOTE that viewing a class recording is not a substitute for class attendance and preparation, which still is required for all class sessions (unless excused by the professor on an exceptional basis for good reason) and in order to remain in good academic standing with the law school. The law school's class recording policy is intended to enhance your learning experience, not to substitute for regular class attendance and preparation.