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Involuntary Withdrawal

A student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the Law School if, (1) After the initial registration, the student fails to register for any subsequent year for which the student is eligible to register or gives written notice to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of election to withdraw; (2) During a school term for which he or she is registered, he or she is absent from all scheduled classes for a continuous two-week period without having informed the Associate Dean in writing that his or her absence is attributable to cause; or (3) He or she fails to appear for any scheduled final examination in any course and also fails, within one week thereafter, to inform the Associate Dean in writing of the reason for his or her failure to appear for such examination.

Voluntary Withdrawal

A student who has withdrawn voluntarily will not be entitled to return as a matter of course at a later date; such privilege may be granted prior to his or her withdrawal or afterward.

Any student contemplating voluntary withdrawal and desiring the privilege of returning at a later date may apply in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for permission to withdraw with the privilege of later return, and the student may postpone final decision on withdrawal until his or her request is acted upon. The Associate Dean may grant or deny the request or refer it to the Admissions Committee for decision.

Any student who withdraws voluntarily without first obtaining written permission to withdraw from the school with the privilege of later return and who later seeks permission shall be required to make application for readmission to the Admissions Committee, whose decision shall be final to the same extent as its decision on applications for original admissions.

Students must submit their petitions for withdrawal by no later than 5 P.M. on the last day of law school classes for the term.