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Christopher C. French

Christopher C. French

Director of Trial Advocacy Program
Professor of Practice

Curriculum Vitae

(814) 867-0395

J.D., Harvard Law School
B.A., Columbia University

Professor Christopher C. French currently teaches Torts, Trial Advocacy, Evidence, Contracts, and Insurance Law. He has written and published extensively in the area where insurance law intersects with contract and tort law. He is the author of an insurance law casebook, Insurance Law and Practice: Cases, Materials, and Exercises, and a co-author of an insurance law reference book, Insurance Law in a Nutshell. He also is the General Editor of New Appleman Pennsylvania Insurance Law Practice Guide, an insurance law treatise, and he wrote numerous chapters of another insurance law treatise entitled Policyholder's Guide to the Law of Insurance Coverage. His scholarly work has been published in law review journals at, among other law schools, Duke Law School, Georgia State University, University of Connecticut, University of Nevada, University of Southern California, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, Villanova University, and University of Virginia.

He received his law degree from Harvard Law School and his bachelor degree from Columbia University. Prior to joining the faculty at Penn State Law, he taught at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Villanova Law School. He also formerly was a partner at K&L Gates LLP where, as a commercial litigator, he handled all aspects of litigation matters for Fortune 500 companies and other businesses in federal and state courts across the United States, trying cases in seven different states. In addition to his advocacy work, he also has served as an expert witness and as both a party-appointed and a neutral arbitrator.


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INSURANCE LAW IN A NUTSHELL (West 5th and 6th eds.) (co-author w/ John H. Dobbyn)

POLICYHOLDER’S GUIDE TO THE LAW OF INSURANCE COVERAGE, Chapters §3.03 (Limits of Liability (Including Number of Occurrences)), §5.01 (Standard Policy Language), §5.02 (Legally Obligated to Pay), §5.03 (As Damages), §5.04 (Punitive Damages), §6.03 (Issues Pertaining to Intentional Injury Exclusions), §6.04 (The Known Loss and Loss in Progress Doctrines) and §24.06 (Bad Faith Issues) (Wolters Kluwer 1997, annually updated)


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