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Agreements and Contracts

University Scholar Agreement

The University Scholar Agreement is the primary agreement to be used for speaking engagements, although it is not required for every event.

Honorarium payments are limited to $1000 or less. 

The University Scholar Agreement is always required when a University-sponsored event will be recorded or broadcast, or if the individual wishes to sell merchandise as part of the event, even if the individual will not be remunerated for their service.

Entertainment Agreements

The University uses the following standardized entertainment agreements:

  • Speaker Agreement
  • Disc Jockey Agreement
  • Master Entertainment Agreement
  • Stage/Sound/Lighting Agreement
  • Vendor Agreement

Please contact the Finance Office when inviting a speaker, hiring a disc jockey, etc. to obtain an agreement. The agreement must be completed with all signatures before the event can take place and payment can be issued.

Permission to Possess/Use Alcoholic Beverages

The Permission to Possess/Use Alcoholic Beverages form is required to be completed when holding an event with alcohol at an on-campus location. If you are not using Campus Catering you will need to make sure you are using an approved Caterer.

Complete the form, sign and submit to the Finance Office. You will receive a completed copy of the form after your request has been approved or denied. All requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event.

Please review University Policy FN10 and AD18 before completing the form.

Contracts Requiring a Signature

All contracts (any written agreement binding the signatories, no matter what it is called) must be submitted to Risk Management for signature. Contracts can be submitted to Rachel Arnold for processing with the Risk Management Office. Standard processing time for contract is 7 to 10 business days from the date the contract is received.

Internal contracts do not go through Risk Management.  They may be signed by the departments involved.  An "internal" contract exists when all parties to the contract are part of the legal entity "The Pennsylvania State University."

University Release and Indemnification Agreement

The University Release and Indemnification Agreement needs to be completed when a non-university group uses our facilities. Please have the group complete the form and return to the Finance Office at least two weeks prior to Event.