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Explore Law 2018 - May 14 - 16, 2018

Application for Explore Law 2018, a tuition-free residency program held at Penn State Law in University Park, Pa., available to any undergraduate student--regardless of location, major, or residence--who is interested in learning more about law school.

Personal/Contact Information:





Please upload an electronic copy of your undergraduate transcript and current resume.


Law School Interest:

Prepare a draft of a personal statement for a law school application that addresses factors that have been significant to your development and identity, something that may distinguish you from other law school applicants, or highlights any special achievements or accomplishments. You should feel free to discuss a topic or topics of your choice. You will need to upload a Word document containing your draft personal statement as a part of your application. The personal statement may not exceed two pages double-spaced.



Have you ever been subject to any disciplinary action, placed on academic probation, dismissed, suspended, expelled, asked to withdraw for academic reasons, or been subject to any action for misconduct or honor code violation at any school, college, or university, or is any such action pending or expected to be brought against you? (If yes, explain.)

Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime or infraction other than a minor traffic violation or do you expect that charges may be brought against you? (If yes, explain.)