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Penn State Law Intellectual Property Clinic - Application for Services


As a student-driven legal IP Clinic we must be very selective in the matters we accept and can only handle a limited number of them.  Accordingly acceptance as a client of the Penn State Law Intellectual Property Clinic is not guaranteed, and is ultimately based upon availability of resources, educational value for our law students, absence of conflicts of interest, and financial need of the client.  Due to the anticipated need for the IP Clinic services we may not be able to respond to all applications.  You are welcome to wait for us to contact you, NOTE however that some intellectual property rights may be lost by waiting.  Thus you could potentially lose intellectual property rights by waiting for us to contact you. 

Submitting an application or otherwise contacting the IP Clinic does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and the IP Clinic.  No attorney-client relationship exists (the applicant is not a client of the IP Clinic) and we will not begin doing your work until we both decide that you will become a IP Clinic client and unless and until an engagement letter has been signed by you and the IP Clinic. You have the right to continue to look for an attorney and decline legal services from us (if offered).  Once you have completed this form, please submit via the button at the end of the form.  Thank you.

Please complete ENTIRE form.  Do not leave blanks – use “none” or “0”.

Personal Information 
 This section should include the primary applicant's personal details.  Business information, if applicable, will be requested later in the application

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