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Practical Information

Housing is guaranteed provided that the students apply within the deadline indicated below. If students fail to apply within the deadline or if they arrive after the date they have indicated on their application, they are not guaranteed housing.

Application period for housing

Fall semester: 1 April – 15 May 
Spring semester: 1 October – 1 November

Application procedures for housing: Apply directly to the Student Welfare Organization (SiB). 

Students can find private housing located within the city center and outside of the city center. Website for housing information: 

Pricing: (All numbers are estimates) 

Private Housing in City Center: $800 or more per month 
Private Housing outside City Center: Beginning at $500 per month 

  • If students live outside of City Center, transportation is easy to locate. Visit for pricing information

Health Insurance

Penn State students taking part in the exchange will be required to purchase the Penn State Health Insurance plan for study abroad, regardless of any other coverage that students may have. HTH health insurance can be purchased through the Penn State Office Student Health Insurance.