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For up-to-date information regarding the reunification of Penn State's two law schools, please click here.

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Course Information

Course Selection Process

  • Exchange students will be e-mailed a link to the complete course list for the academic year in late July.
  • For the fall semester, the class schedule for the academic year will be published by the beginning of August at
  • The online course selection will take place between August 21-30 (fall) and between January 8-17 (spring).
  • In order to select their study plan, exchange students will have to login to the following website:
  • Courses are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • In the unlikely event that a course chosen through the online application is not activated, the student will be immediately contacted by the International Student Desk in order to substitute it.
  • For the spring semester, exchange students will have the possibility to change their study plan in the period February 19-28, 2013 (upon availability of the courses).
  • After this second deadline (February 28, 2013) no changes (add/switch/drop) will be allowed.
  • IMPORTANT: Well before departure, Penn State Law students should consult with assistant dean of graduate and international programs, Stephen Barnes, about course selection. In addition, Prof. Ventoruzzo is a valuable resource about courses at Bocconi, and all Penn State Law exchange students should consult with him. Finally, the Bocconi academic advisor (listed below), is also available for questions about course selection and other academic advice.

Course Load and Credit Transfer

  • All exchange students must be full time students. According to Bocconi rules, full time status means a minimum of two and a maximum of six courses per semester.
  • Bocconi University credit system is ECTS equivalent: each Bocconi ECTS credit corresponds to 25 hours workload, of which 8 are lecture hours. Courses run approximately 11 weeks per semester. The average quantity of work required of a full-time Bocconi student is generally fixed at 60 ECTS credit per year.
  • 6 ECTS Bocconi University credits are equivalent to 3 Penn State Law credits.Penn State Law exchange students must typically take four or five courses at Bocconi (Bocconi domestic students take five courses per semester; on average, exchange students select 4 courses per semester.)
  • Bocconi University allows graduate level students to choose among both undergraduate (30xxx and some 50xxx) and graduate (20xxx and 50xxx) courses.
  • For additional information about course load and credits see also here.