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LL.M. Fall 2020 Registration Information

You are strongly encouraged to review and understand the functionality of LionPATH by visiting, LionPATH Help.

Registration Preparation Check-List for LL.M. Students

Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes - Law class offerings are available from your Student Center in LionPATH.  The information is available via the Search for Classes button.  All law classes in the Class Search are located under the Course Career "Penn State Law”.

VERY IMPORTANT STEPS YOU MUST TAKE BEFORE YOUR REGISTRATION TIME: Within your Student Center in LionPATH, review the items under the To Do List. The Pre-Registration Activity Guide - Fall 2020, once completed, will release the Financial Responsibility Agreement that appears under the Holds.  You need to review this information and take the necessary steps in order to be able to register.  You can check your Enrollment Dates in your Student Center for the date and time you can begin enrolling for Fall 2020.


Specialized Fields of Study Concentration Program - Students may earn Concentration recognition in the Penn State Law Specialized fields of Study. LL.M. students must earn a minimum of 9 credits. A minimum grade of 'C' is required for each course being used toward a Concentration. Upon verification of completion, students will receive a document of recognition. Students may earn multiple Concentrations.

Plan Your Schedule - Before you register, take time to gather the information and advice you need to plan for next semester! Use the Schedule Builder in LionPATH to plan your schedule. Learn more about the LionPATH Schedule Builder, the information is located under Course and Class Search. For information about enrolling in a clinic, including course requirements and application deadlines, visit Clinics.

Degree Audit (Academic Requirements Report) – Your Degree Audit (Academic Requirements report) is available in your Student Center in LionPATH.  You can use your Degree Audit (Academic Requirements report) along with your LL.M. Degree Requirements information. to ensure you are staying on track to meet your graduation requirements. How to access your Degree Audit (Academic Requirements report) in LionPATH.

Academic Advice — You should have received an advising email from your academic advisor, Professor Richard Settgast.  If you have not received this email, please make sure to check your Penn State email address.  If you are certain you have not received the email, please email Professor Settgast at  Follow the instructions on the advising email concerning course selection and advising. 

Important Registration Rules and Tips — Consult the LL.M. Academic Handbook for information about LL.M. degree requirements. You are responsible for satisfying all degree requirements and complying with all academic rules.

  • LL.M. degree students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits each semester.  While you could register for a maximum of 17 credits per semester, it is recommended that you do not register for more than 14 credits. 

  • Students may not register for courses with overlapping meeting times.

  • Registration Wait List — The law school uses the University's Wait List in LionPATH.  You are encouraged, before you register, to learn more about the LionPATH Wait List. The information is located under Enrollment. A procedure runs hourly to monitor the Wait List. As a courtesy to your classmates, please remove your name from a course wait list if you are no longer interested in the course. 

    Important Note: You will not be registered in a class from the wait list if any of the following apply to you:

1) You have an active registration hold.

2) Course controls prevent your registration in the course.

3) There is a day/time conflict with a course already on your registration.

4) The addition of the course will cause the 17 credit registration limit to be exceeded. 

To avoid # 3 and #4, the course that is being Wait Listed must be added using the course swap feature in LionPATH at the time the Waitl Listed registration is being added.  See the LionPATH Wait List help for more information.

  • LL.M. students are not permitted to take courses offered by Dickinson Law Professors. 

  • The drop/add period for all law school courses ends at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. You can drop or add courses from your Student Center in LionPATH at any time before the deadline. However, you cannot drop or add courses after the deadline except with permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs which will be granted only in compelling circumstances.

  • If your academic record is subject to a hold, you will not be able to register. You should check the status of your academic record in your Student Center in LionPATH before your enrollment date.  You can check your Enrollment Dates in your Student Center for the date and time you can begin enrolling for Fall 2020.

  • Check Timely Registration News for information on courses with special enrollment criteria.

  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may cancel a course with low enrollment (less than 5 students) ordinarily no later than the first day of classes for the semester, and may maintain or cancel any course due to exceptional circumstances. Check Timely Registration News for notice of course cancelations.

Exam Schedule — Check the Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule and Final Exam Regulations for information about the final exam schedule and law school exam rules.

Grading Deadlines - Grades are due from faculty no later than Tuesday, January 12, 2021.  

Timely Registration News — Visit Timely Registration News frequently during the registration period for late-breaking registration information.

Registration Times - Your registration time is available in your Student Center in LionPATH. The information is available under Enrollment Dates.