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Summer Experience

Megan Dougherty
Megan Dougherty, J.D. candidate for the Class of 2023 at Penn State Law in University Park, received a summer fellowship through the Peggy Browning Fund, a non-profit organization that helps future labor lawyers through fellowship opportunities, an annual workers’ rights conference, and regional workshops.
As an upcoming 3L student at Penn State Law, Brett Atanasio was ready for a challenge. He found just that with WilmerHale in New York City.
Katz Building | Penn State Law
Most Penn State Law students spent their summer away from Happy Valley, completing internships and gaining valuable experience in law firms, nonprofits, and businesses around the state and the nation. Here's a look at a few students at various levels of their legal education who found meaningful work, and excelled at it.
Jonathan Moore's work background prior to law school led him to a niche summer position that has catapulted into a career.
2L Brandon McCune spent his summer interning for the Orange County District Attorney's Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, what he calls the "best job" he's ever had.
Experiences in working with the less fortunate led Beth Ramos, a third-year student at Penn State Law, to her passion in public defense.
3L Allison Wells tries out her dream job, and learns just what she's capable of in her summer experience with U.S.A. Track and Field.
Summer Work 2014
Finding meaningful work during the summer is important for law students to gain on-the-job experience as well as build connections with other associates and legal professionals. Penn State Law is featuring a series on what students did this summer.
Matthew Regan '15
Matthew Regan '15 entered law school loving the entertainment business. However,he knew media law jobs are tough to get, and if he mentioned it to anyone, they treated him as if he was dreaming too high. Nevertheless, with much academic perseverance and networking his dream came true, and he obtained a summer internship with DreamWorks Animation.
Summer work profile: Forrest Smith ’15 summer associate with Babst Calland
As summer associate at Babst Calland, Forrest Smith practiced and honed a variety of legal skills. From writing memos, briefs and motions to researching and assisting at depositions, Smith experienced it all.