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Penn State Law’s International Law Society wins top award

Penn State Law’s International Law Society wins top award

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) honored Penn State Law with its top “Best All-Around Chapter” award from among 200 student chapters worldwide. Citing numerous events that the International Law Society (ILS) held this year, ILSA Programs Coordinator Jill Schmieder Hereau said, “The ILSA Student Officers selected Penn State because the students enthusiastically promoted the study and understanding of international law throughout the Penn State student body and local legal community.”

Under the leadership of Michelle Boldon ’10, the organization held a wide array of programs designed to meet the interests of a broad spectrum of students interested in pursuing international law. “We started out strong and formed a number of key partnerships. Working with the School of International Affairs and the Human Rights Law Society, for example, allowed us to keep the momentum going throughout the year,” Boldon said. “We also worked closely with Penn State international law faculty Professors Louis Del Duca and Catherine Rogers for two of our events, which was particularly important. Finally, our success would not have been possible without the help of a fantastic executive board composed of the following members: Karen Wilson ’10, vice president (Carlisle); Christina Heischmidt ’10, vice president (University Park); Meghan Anderson ’11, secretary; Sam Wiest ’10, treasurer; Jonathan Brandon ’12, 1L representative and incoming president (Carlisle); and Wes Corning ’12, 1L representative (University Park).”

Boldon stressed that because students have a variety of interests, the organization felt it was important to target its activities to attract these various segments. “We organized scholarly events such as ‘Beyond Rhetoric: The State of Iran — Its Policies, Politics and Global Impact’ as well as a networking event which allowed students to get to know our amazing faculty better. Our panel on careers in international law went extremely well,” Boldon said.

Hereau cited the chapter’s involvement in the LL.M. mentor program coordinated by Professor Karen Bysiewicz as an “excellent demonstration of members’ philanthropic attitude.” Boldon said that the J.D. students probably get more from that program because the LL.M. students have such great experiences to share. “This year ILS presented a panel featuring LL.M. students. Professor Del Duca developed a fact pattern/case study and each LL.M. student on the panel gave a brief talk on how the case would have been handled in their home jurisdiction.”

“Faculty advisors Professors Bysiewicz and Del Duca provided incredible support and encouragement throughout the year,” Boldon stressed. She believes the organization’s momentum will continue to build with the continued support of compassionate faculty advisors and the new officers chosen—Jonathan Brandon ’12, president; Peter Kline ’11, vice president (University Park); Tamara Good ’12, vice president (Carlisle); Lisa Pex Shevlin ’11, secretary; Sam Wiest ’10, treasurer. “This is an organization and a practice area that I am so passionate about. I know I’m leaving it in capable hands,” Boldon said.

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