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New international study tracks offered by SIA merge faculty expertise with student career interests

New study tracks announced by Penn State University's School of International Affairs (SIA) provide joint J.D./M.I.A.students with the opportunity to develop general international affairs skills in navigating global challenges and expertise in a specific field. The six new study tracks—International Security Studies; Development

Policy; International Education; Dispute Resolution; Environment and Resources; and Humanitarian Response and Human Rights tap into the strengths of SIA's faculty expertise. In addition, the tracks reflect critical areas of global international affairs practice.

“We are very excited to offer these compelling enhancements to students who have expressed both a vocational and academic interest in these study areas ,” said SIA Director Tiyanjana Maluwa who is also the Associate Dean for International Affairs at the Law School. “Participants can continue to create their own curriculum choosing from dozens of electives, or take advantage of the outstanding opportunities afforded by our new study tracks.” Director Maluwa emphasized that the Masters of International Affairs program is designed to equip its graduates with the doctrine and skills required of effective leaders in the global marketplace.

The new tracks capitalize on the strong relationship between SIA and the Law School which are co-located and share a number of Law and International Affairs faculty members. Faculty leading the tracks include: Richard Butler, Johannes W. Fedderke, Scott Sigmund Gartner, Dennis C. Jett, John A. Kelmelis, Flynt Leverett, Tiyanjana Maluwa, Sophia McClennen, and Catherine A. Rogers.

“The focus of our program has not changed,” said Maluwa. "Our goal continues to be to augment the abilities and skills students bring into the program with the capacity to think, communicate, and practice as international affairs experts.” Maluwa added, “our emphasis is on graduating students with the skills and confidence to begin an international affairs career anywhere in the world.”

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