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Penn State Law student has been awarded a Peggy Browning Fund fellowship

Temi Olusa from Penn State Law has been awarded a Peggy Browning Fund fellowship in workplace justice advocacy.


Philadelphia, PA, May 2024 - Temi Olusa from Penn State Law has been awarded a Peggy Browning Fund fellowship in workplace justice advocacy. The application process is highly competitive, and the award is a tribute to Temi’s outstanding qualifications.

This year, the Peggy Browning Fund is proud to announce we have accepted 117 law students into our nationwide fellowship program, the largest cohort in our history! Securing a Peggy Browning Fellowship is a challenging process, with over 3,950 applications for our 2024 program. As the country continues to face unprecedented challenges to workers’ rights, the fight for workplace justice has never been more pressing. Labor needs lawyers and we are inspired by the passion and dedication this year’s Fellows bring to the movement. These Fellows are distinguished students who have not only excelled in law school but who have also demonstrated their commitment to workers’ rights through their previous educational, organizing, work, volunteer, and personal experiences.

Temi Olusa (J.D. candidate, 2025) will be at Teamsters Local 117 in Tukwila, WA. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Temi’s interest in labor law spiked following the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite his parents being unionized nurses and deemed “essential,” they still suffered abuse from their employers, highlighting how much worse it was for workers who lacked the collective bargaining power of a union. Through this experience, Temi realized that—while workers spend a significant amount of life working, away from families and other passions in life—that significant amount of time away shouldn’t be full of suffering. All workers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

After graduating from Penn State with a double major in Political Science and Communication Arts & Sciences, Temi pursued his legal degree. Now a second-year law student, Temi helped found Penn State’s Labor and Employment Law Society, serves as President of the school’s American Constitution Society, and is Secretary for his school’s Student Bar Association. He is grateful to be chosen as a Peggy Browning Fellow and ecstatic to work with Teamsters Local 117 this upcoming summer.

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