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Penn State Law tax scholar outlines policies of presidential candidates

Obama vs. Romney Debate on Economic GrowthIn less than 40 days, citizens will head to the polls for the U.S. presidential election. Penn State Law Professor Samuel C. Thompson Jr. wants to be sure voters understand the economic policies of the candidates which he sets out in his new book The Obama vs. Romney Debate on Economic Growth: A Citizen’s Guide to the Issues. His goal is to rise above the posturing and distortion and provide a tool to help voters make an informed decision.

"The purposes of the book are to provide a ‘clear-eyed’ explanation of relevant macro and micro economic principles, and to illuminate the economic policies of the candidates,” Thompson said. A self-proclaimed Democrat, Thompson also presents his assessment of the candidates’ policies. “I am hopeful that I’ve given voters an additional decision making tool,” he said.  
Written in a question and answer format the book is intended for the average citizen. Its goals are to promote a familiarity with the fundamental issues affecting the growth of the U.S. economy, to explore the policies of President Obama and Governor Romney on economic growth issues, and to help the reader appreciate how economic growth can impact personal investment returns.
“This book lives up to its promise as a true citizen’s guide, accessible to all who are interested in understanding the great economic and public finance issues of today,” writes Timothy A. Canova, professor of law and public finance at Nova Southeastern University. “Professor Thompson is an expert in tax law and policy, and he debunks a number of myths in his field, including the fallacy that higher taxes on the wealthy is correlated with slower economic growth.”
Professor Thompson is the Arthur Weiss Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law at
Penn State Law and is the Director of its Center for the Study of Mergers and Acquisitions. He writes extensively on tax law and policy, as well as other topics at the intersection of law and economics.
For more information, you can watch an interview with Professor Thompson on YouTube and view his website at on how to purchase a copy.


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