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Penn State Law in University Park Now Accepting GRE for all J.D. Applicants

Penn State Law in University Park is now accepting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test for all applicants interested in earning a J.D.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State Law in University Park is now accepting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test for all applicants interested in earning a J.D.

As a pilot initiative earlier this year, Penn State Law began accepting the GRE—in addition to the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)—for those seeking a J.D. in combination with a graduate degree in a different discipline at Penn State.

Now all applicants can choose which standardized test they want to use to apply to the law school—the LSAT or the GRE.

While American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law schools have typically accepted only LSAT scores, many are now accepting GREs. The GRE evaluates qualitative and quantitative skills comprehensively and is broadly accepted by thousands of graduate and professional degree programs. Before accepting the GRE more broadly, Penn State Law conducted a study in which it determined that the GRE was a valid and reliable test.

“Opening the door to legal education is a cornerstone of our admissions strategy,” said Hari M. Osofsky, dean of Penn State Law and the School of International Affairs. “Accepting the GRE for all J.D. applicants offers options to prospective students, particularly those who are also considering graduate school.”

Among the benefits to potential students are the affordability of and access to the GRE exam, which is administered year-round and on multiple days each month in numerous locations in the U.S. and abroad. Penn State Law will accept scores that are up to five years old.

“While all of our normal, rigorous admissions standards will continue to apply, we also want to provide the flexibility our potential students increasingly expect,” said Amanda DiPolvere, assistant dean for Admissions and Financial Aid. “In addition, we wanted to make the J.D. program more accessible to applicants who are interested in taking advantage of one of the many joint degree programs available in University Park. Making it possible to apply for two programs with one test made sense.”

For additional details about the GRE opportunity, access FAQs here.

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