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Professor Dannin on highway privatization contracts: read the fine print

Health care, education, and transportation are staples of American life and frequently the subject of intense debate over the role of government. Professor Ellen Dannin, who focuses part of her scholarship on public-private partnerships, recently laid out in the Patriot-News why states should not privatize highways. 

Privatization contracts typically require the government to reimburse the private entity for loss of expected revenues and can cramp a government’s ability to make decisions for years to come, she explained.
“These long contracts constrain governments in making decisions for generations—about transportation, pollution, urban redevelopment and the many unforeseen issues our grandchildren will face,” she wrote. (Read the full op-ed here.)
Dannin is also the author of "Privatizing Information and Information Technology - Whose Life Is it
Anyway?" and "Counting What Matters: Privatization, People with Disabilities, and the Cost of Low-Wage Work."  


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