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Professor Rogers delivers talk on international arbitration ethics at Stockholm University

Professor Rogers speaks in Stokholm about ethics in arbitration.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. –Professor Catherine A. Rogers, the Paul and Marjorie Price Faculty Scholar ​at Penn State Law, presented a talk entitled  “Ethics in Arbitration: Arbitrators, Counsel, and Expert Witnesses” at the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law on May 12.

The event was organized by Patricia Shaughnessy, a professor at the University of Stockholm, director of its LL.M. program, and a board member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

“As Professor Rogers is the leading global expert in her field, we have long wanted to bring her to Stockholm to share her research and insights on ethics in arbitration with the Stockholm arbitration community and also with our academic community,” Shaughnessy said. “Her engaging presentation triggered questions that will surely lead to further discussions among Swedish practitioners and academics.”

Anne Ramberg, the secretary general of the Swedish Bar Association, commented on Rogers’ presentation and provided an optimistic assessment about the future role of the Swedish Bar Association in coordinating with the Swedish arbitration community about ethical issues that affect counsel in international arbitration. She noted that although the European Bar Associations have struggled trying to harmonize their ethical rules, she remained positive about developing an international approach in arbitration because the global arbitration community has a strong interest in self-regulating and ensuring confidence in the system. 

Rogers’ talk was hosted by the Research Panel of Arbitration and Other Dispute Resolution at the Stockholm Center for Commercial Law at Stockholm University’s Department of Law. The substance of Rogers’ talk was drawn largely from her 2014 book, Ethics in International Arbitration, which systematically analyzes the ambiguities and conflicting ethics rules that apply in international arbitration. 

In addition to her position at Penn State Law, Rogers also serves as professor of ethics, regulation & the rule of law and director of the Institute for Ethics, Regulation & the Rule of Law at Queen Mary University of London. She is a reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law, the U.S. Law of International Commercial Arbitration, and is frequent speaker at major international arbitration conferences. Rogers is the founder of Arbitrator Intelligence, an NGO that aims to increase fairness, transparency and accountability in the arbitrator selection process, and increased diversity in arbitrator appointments.


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