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Professor Fox visits with alumni and others in Taiwan

Professor William Fox and wife with alumni in Taiwan.Penn State Law Alumni and exchange students gathered on June 2, for a dinner with Professor William F. Fox who was visiting several universities in Taipei. Attending the gathering and pictured in the photo were (from left to right): Gary Yao, LL.M. '12, Po Kun Tsai LL.M. '12, Regina Wang, LL.M. '13, Professor William and Pat Fox, Wei Ting Lee, LL.M. '12, and Nicole Anderson J.D. '14, and Wilson Wu J.D. '14 (exchange students at National Taiwan University, Faculty of Law, spring 2013).

Professor Fox held three workshops while at National Chengchi University (NCCU): LL.M. and SJ.D. programs in the United States; choosing a research topic and writing research papers and dissertations; and issues in international business law, electronic commerce, intellectual property, and corruption. In addition, Professor Fox delivered lectures at NCCU and Chung Yuan Christian University on Right to Counsel, Energy Law and Policy, and International Dispute Resolution.
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