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Online Documentary Supplement

In lieu of hard copy, we believe we can assist our adopters in providing more up-to-date and comprehensive resources for your teaching needs by providing this online website for documents useful in teaching sports law. 

  • For an edited version of relevant statutes, click here
  • Excerpts from league constitutions and rules:
    • MLB Constitution click here
    • MLB Rules click here
    • NFL Constitution click here
    • NBA Constitution and By-Laws click here
    • NHL Constitution click here
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements full text attachments:
    • Major League Baseball click here
    • National Football League click here
    • National Basketball Association click here
    • Women’s National Basketball Association click here
    • National Hockey League click here
    • Major League Soccer CBA click here
    • {Relatedly, though not in a CBA}: for the Minor League Baseball standard player contract (the major league versions are as appendices to their CBAs), click here
  • For excerpts from Agent-related regulations and statutes, click here
  • For the NCAA Constitution, click here