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Minority Mentor Program


​​Penn State Law’s Minority Mentor Program offers law students in the J.D. program the opportunity to establish a mentoring relationship with both internal and external mentors who are professionals in the legal field. The Minority Mentor Program provides students with the support to help them achieve academic success and emotional well-being during law school and after entering the legal profession.


Internal mentors are Penn State Law faculty and senior administrators. Our internal mentors live in State College and its surrounding areas.

External mentors are alumni of Penn State who identify as individuals from diverse backgrounds: individuals identifying as a member of a racial or ethnic group underrepresented in the practice of law; members of a religious minority; individuals with mental or physical disabilities; individuals identifying as LGBTQ+. Our external mentors live in all geographic areas across the United States.

All of our mentors are legal professionals who volunteer their time to help Penn State Law students develop into future members of the legal profession.


Mentees are matriculated J.D. law students who identify as students from diverse backgrounds: students identifying as a member of a racial or ethnic group underrepresented in the practice of law; members of a religious minority; students with mental or physical disabilities; students identifying as LGBTQ+.

Students who participate in this program come from a variety of geographic locations, undergraduate universities, and professional backgrounds.

After expressing interest in the Minority Mentor program, students are matched with their mentors during their first year of law school and may remain in the program until their graduation.

Matches are based on criteria such as, but not limited to, the student’s area of interest and geographic connections.


Check out the article here on the Minorty Mentor Program at Penn State Law. 



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For more information or to volunteer for the Minority Mentor Program, please contact Dr. Wende' Ferguson (