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Alternative Spring Break Initiative

Mission Statement: To provide law students dedicated to public interest initiatives with an opportunity to enhance their legal education by extending learning outside of the classroom and into the community. To provide students who are seeking meaningful pro bono opportunities with an avenue to do so, especially those who need pro bono hours for admission to the state bar. To stimulate interest in public service amongst the law school community. To publicize and promote the importance of taking part in pro bono programs prior to law students’ entry into the legal community, as the demand for legal services amongst low income individuals continues to increase.

This student organization is currently inactive for the 2017-18 academic year. If you are interested in activating it, please contact Mary Beth Aber, Cocurricular Programs Coordinator.

Brief Summary of Past Alternative Spring Break Trips

Spring 2013 Alternative Spring Break Trip—Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ): Students worked with LSNJ staff attorneys in providing assistance to displaced victims of Hurricane Sandy. The student-volunteers conducted legal and non-legal research on insurance law and property issues, traveled to several neighboring counties in New Jersey and provided victims with information about reconstruction resources, and observed landlord tenant court proceedings, which included hearings and alternative dispute resolution.

LSNJ Trip Link:

Spring 2012 Alternative Spring Break Trip—AIDSLaw of Louisiana: Students prepared a memo analyzing impending legislation that would affect HIV positive individuals across Louisiana, summarized important Social Security issues relating to HIV/AIDS patients, developed brochures for the office that detailed the legal issues confronting those with HIV/AIDS, and wrote a 10-page memo detailing HIV/AIDS disaster in the Gulf Coast. Students also participated in client conferences, assisted in preparing affidavits, and interviewing clients.

AIDSLaw Trip Link: