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  • Arts, Sports & Entertainment Law Clinic

Cases and Projects

Sample Cases and Projects

To preserve client confidentiality, the Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Law Clinic does not release information on specific cases. However, typical projects may include:

  • Educational resource of the Pennsylvania State University and to the Penn State Athletic Department and Penn State athletes on the subject of Name, Image, and Likeness
  • ‚ÄčNegotiate and draft record contracts on behalf of musical artists and independent record labels
  • Negotiate and draft publishing contracts on behalf of music publishing companies and musical composers
  • Draft performance agreements on behalf of major booking and talent agencies
  • Assist artists in the organization of business organizations
  • Provide assistance to playwrights on the exploitation of intellectual property
  • Assist museums with issues of accessions and display of works of art
  • Provide educational assistance to entertainers, athletes, professional sports organizations, and university departments, both within Penn State University and to other Universities
  • Lecture to students in the Communication Department on the use of open-source materials
  • Provide advice to the Arts and Film Department on the use of copyright, intellectual property laws, and rights of privacy regarding using the creative works of others
  • Create policies for athletic departments on topics such as selecting an agent
  • Assist law firms with research in support of negotiating recording contracts
  • Work directly with artists to create and negotiate contracts
  • Counsel young athletes as they make critical career decisions